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10 tips to slim without the gym

If you're very far from your ideal numbers and fed up of paying a huge gym fee and seeing no results? If you want to get slim and don’t want to use a gym, then these top 10 tips are perfect for you. You never knew, these 10 steps might help you to discover the all new slimmer you.

Finding your dream perfect slim body measurements is not an easy or straightforward task. At the end of the day, you may be wondering how to get the body you want? as the only opinion about how you look that really matters is yours. Even if you have a goal that you feel comfortable with, it can be a grueling task to achieve. Although the gym is great for some people, it just doesn't work for others.

1) Have some fun with your equipment
If you are spending hours of your week silently running on a treadmill and doing your routine gym workouts and feel annoyed no fun, change it exercise doesn't have to be like that. 
If you get creative and have fun with your exercise you’ll find that you will be more motivated to stick at it and do more, which in turn will help you get slim and ditch the gym. 
slim flat belly
There are loads of fun ways to work out. You could buy some gymnastics rings to work on your upper body and your core. Or if the rings aren't for you buy a hula hoop to tone your waist area. 

2) Don’t cut dairy foods
A research study conducted in Australia suggest that the protein levels in dairy products may help people feel fuller for longer and therefore make them less likely to snack on calorific foods.

Although the high levels of fat in dairy products make those who want to get slim without hitting the gym wary, it turns out that eating cheese, milk and other dairy products actually promotes weight loss.

3) Make Variations often 

Always try to eat new, healthy foods on a weekly basis and mix up what you eat. You should also do a variety of exercise, like running, dancing, Pilates and skipping.

If you find yourself regularly going on health kicks only to find that in a few weeks or months time you've gone back to your old, unhealthy ways the likelihood is you've become bored. Doing the same exercise and eating the same foods is dull and even the most disciplined of people would struggle to maintain their new regime. So try to keep the excitement alive and make variations in your routine regularly.

4) Go join a club
Clubs are great because they’re social, they typically have equipment to lend to you and they are great for boosting people’s motivation. 

If you want to slim without the gym then you might benefit from joining a club. Before joining a club you need to first work out what sport suits you. 

If you like being in a team you could join a hockey club or a netball club. If you like working solo then a running, canoe or climbing club might be more suited to you. Many clubs typically offer beginners trail sessions and these will typically be free of charge, so always test out the club before you pay for membership

5) Reward yourself with a treat in the week
Studies have found that this is true and that people who follow extremely healthy diets during the week actually lose weight more slowly compared to those who eat reasonably healthily all week. Therefore if you want to slim without the gym, have a treat now and then.

So, when you’re super strict with yourself during the week it can be easy to let the rules from the week slip when the weekend arrives. 

6) Go shopping
If you get that shopping-guilt almost all women feel when they wander into a store then don’t panic or if you feel that your wife's shopping is scissoring your pocket just remember the money you saved from the gym can go towards the new dress or new pair of boots.

It is thought that the average woman burns a whopping 48,000 calories a year from shopping alone, that works out at around 385 calories per week.

7) Put in some liquids before you eat 
If you want to slim without the gym you should also try having a light soup before eating. This light course will help fill you up, yet is relatively low in calories. Having soup before your main course will also help you to stop yourself from overeating.

What do you do before a meal? Wash your hands and scout out a good TV show to watch during your meal? Well, although we think you should definitely still wash your hands before you eat and if you don't have a soup to gulp in, just take a glass of plain water before you start to eat.

8) Eat before you exercise 
This is very important if you want to slim down because eating an hour before exercise ensures that you perform to full capacity during your training session and therefore you will burn a greater amount of fat.

9) Learn Yoga
It may be best to go to a yoga class or get a yoga DVD if you’re not sure what you are doing, but remember the perfect pose we may see others doing might be a long way from what our own body can currently achieve.
Grab your yoga mat and do some yoga poses three or four times a week. Yoga helps to sculpt your body and helps you get slim without the gym.  

10) Don't Skip the Skipping
If you think your skipping days are over? ..........
Think again. 

Skipping isn't just for those pretty li'll girls. Even the champ athletes and boxers, who are arguably some of the fittest athletes around, regularly perform skipping drills. 

Skipping is in fact a great exercise and there are lots of benefits. To make sure that your rope is the correct length for your height, stand on the middle of the rope and pull the handles upwards until the rope is taut. The handles should line up with the middle of your chest.

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