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Beat the heat with these natural drinks

Drink ‘natural’ coolers this summer

Just ditch the colas and cold coffees, beat the heat with these natural drinks!

How you can drink healthy this summer!

Yes, it’s heating up again. You are dehydrating fast because of the sweating and feeling tired, just don't reach for that cola yet, wait guys.............. We have some awesome refreshing, natural options for you!

Gulp in Tender coconut water
Fresh coconut water could potentially be the greatest energy drink in the world, to top it off, it’s all-natural. Coconut water contains more potassium than the majority of energy drinks. The chloride it holds is at 118 g, and it’s natural sugars extent to about 5 mg. 

So, just walk down the road, and help yourself to gulp in some refreshing tender coconut water instead. Coconut water is considered as “fluid for life”. It contains a bounty of nutrients that can help fight the summer heat. It’s a natural coolant that can help reduce your body heat.

energy drink

Avoid cola or aerated drinks.
Well, all those cold colas stacked up in the corner shop looks tempting. Skip it! It’s loaded with sugar and is bad for you in so many ways. Soft drinks fails to provide adequate hydration because the high sugar content and caffeine in soft drinks promote dehydration.

Enjoy fresh fruit smoothies
Try fresh fruit smoothies instead. Buy some strawberries, bananas, mangoes or pineapple, watermelon any other fruit you like. Wash, cut and blend in a mixer with cold milk or yogurt, add some ice and enjoy.

fruit smoothies 
Skip that ice-cream treat
While ice-cream or ice-candy can bring you temporary relief from the pains of soaring heat, but think again before you gulp in some as most of the ice creams contain loads of sugar, harmful chemicals and artificial sweeteners and colors they do no good for your body.

Ice cream 
Find some Butter milk
Buttermilk is high in potassium, vitamin B12, calcium, and riboflavin as well as a good source of phosphorus. Those with digestive problems are often advised to drink buttermilk rather than milk, as it is more quickly digested. Buttermilk has more lactic acid than skim milk.

butter milk 
One cup of buttermilk has 99 calories and 2.2 grams of fat, whereas whole milk has 157 calories and 8.9 grams of fat. Do check the labels as some brands of buttermilk are higher in fat than others. It is lower in fat than regular milk, because the fat has been removed to make butter. 

Packaged buttermilk is available aplenty today. Avoid that sugar-loaded packaged fruit juice and grab that buttermilk or masala chaas, as you call it in India!

Say NO to packaged juice
Most of the packed juices are stuffed with sugar artificial coloring and additives which might not be that good after all.

Packaged juices 
Say YES to Kokum juice
Try kokum juice or kokum sherbat this summer. It is known as Garcinia Indica and is very famous in India specially in Maharashtra it is natural treat to beat the heat.

kokum sherbat 
It is easily available in powder and decoction form. And kokum can do you a lot of good. It helps prevent dehydration, improves digestion and appetite. What more? It is known to fight infection, cleanse the blood and is good for your cardiovascular health.

Ditch Kadak Chai (Strong Tea)
I think sipping Kadak chai in summer will do no good to your body. In summer, your favourite chai will leave you feeling tired instead of pepping you up..

kadak chai 
Give a try to Chamomile tea
Pour some Chamomile tea in a cup, add a spoonful of honey and slurp! It will hydrate you instantly, and also soothe your nerves! It is a natural home remedy for most of the daily ailments like headache, stomach crams, insomnia, irritable bowl syndrome etc

chamomile tea 
Say NO to Coffee
Hot or cold, doesn't matter, coffee can be really bad for you during the summer. It increases body heat and will further dehydrate you.

Enjoy Barley water instead
Barley has cooling properties, which is why barley water helps bring down body heat. It’s an excellent substitute for chai or any other drink for that matter. It cleanses your kidney and keeps it free of toxins. Barley water also brings down the heat content in the body. In some countries, people consume barley rice during summer for its cooling properties.

barley water
If you don’t enjoy the tatse, add a dash of lime to the drink like the English do. Or add a spoonful of jeera while you’re boiling barley. This can add a welcome zing to your drink.

A study conducted by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that the fiber that comes from barley water lowers cholesterol. Hence, this is a must-have drink for fitness freaks.We suggest you drink while its warm like you would have your kadak chai….... yes, even in this burning weather.

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