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How to grow hair faster

Woman with shiny, butt-length sexy hairs is been admired in India for ages. Long hairs are sign of beauty, vitality and youthfulness. Many woman lose their long and beautiful tresses to get modern look (a Cute bob hairstyle) but regret later and start searching for the ways to grow hairs faster. 

Woman with thick and long tresses always creates a favorable impression on one’s mind. If you also want to learn how to grow hairs faster, let me help you in your quest to seek your beauty back.

While there might not any scientific way to increase hair growth, there are ways to, perhaps, stimulate it. The hardest part is having the patience to wait, as you know that your hairs can grow only by an inch in 2 months. Nothing is going to make your hair grow long overnight, but there are definitely some things you can do to help speed up the process. 

Here, are a few long hair secrets and key steps to growing your hair long which you can adopt to get your hair to grow faster: 

Grow hair faster secret no 1 stop damage:
Your first step towards growing your hair is to stop damaging it. Too much hair goop or heat styling can burn your locks, brushing or combing too roughly by ripping through knots and tangles, using shampoo everyday, using accessories to put your hair up into tight hairstyles, all are a long hair no, no's. Stop all these things right now, if you want to grow long hairs fast. 

Using peroxide and ammonia to change the color or texture of your hair is like infecting a healthy person with virus of deadly disease. So, stop killing your hairs with harmful chemicals, embrace your natural hair type and use hair products that not only suit your hair, but also give it shine and invigorate it from the roots. If you think altering your hair color is a necessity for your beauty regime, do it by using natural herbal products like henna, honey etc. 

Grow hair faster secret no 2 cut off damaged hairs:
If you already damaged your hairs and have split ends or dry, frizzy, or fragile hairs, don't push yourself to fight a losing battle of trying to save damaged hair. Instead cut off the damaged hairs as much as you need to get to the healthy ends, this is the hard part but necessary to make your hairs healthy and ready to grow faster. 

Grow hair faster secret no 3 scalp care:
Healthy and long hairs need a healthy scalp to grow. N
ever apply a hair conditioner on the roots of your hair! Some conditioners can contain “waxes” and silicons, which, if you apply them on your scalp, can prevent the skin of your head from breathing and clog pores, apply your conditioner only on the mid-length and the ends of your hair. 

Massaging the scalp is a great way to accelerate your hair’s growth, because it increases blood circulation and brings forth essential nutrients to your hair follicles. Heat up a little oil to be a little warm ( chose u like from olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil etc.) and massage your scalp gently with it. As you get to your scalp, be generous with the oil and be sure to cover your whole scalp by working it in with your finger tips. or 

You can ask your loved one to give you a pleasant massage. Ask them to massage your head, gently going through the roots of your hair in circular motions for 15 minutes,  then spread the oil on the length of your hair. Gently place your hair into a shower cap and let the oil penetrate into your scalp and hair for an hour.Your scalp will be nourished, making a perfect environment for your hair to grow fast! Your hair will also now have more elasticity meaning it won’t easily break.

Grow hair faster secret no 4 protect:
Protect your hair from dust, dirt and the sun when you step out during the summer. You can, perhaps, wrap a scarf around your head, as the summer sun can be pretty damaging, and dust can increase dandruff.

If you go out swimming, chlorine and salt water can damage your hairs. So, give your hair a good soaking in fresh water before you swim, and if possible use a deep conditioner and then stick it up under a swim cap. If you don't have cap wash your hair with a chelating shampoo as quickly as you can when you come out, or at the very least, give it a good rinse in fresh water and wash as soon as possible with shampoo and condition afterwards.

Grow hair faster secret no 5 washing tips:
The majority of people with enviable long hair do not wash their hair daily. Many don't use shampoo at all – instead they may use conditioner only. Don't wash your hair with a shampoo everyday, instead do it every other day better if you can stretch it further. Use a gentle, natural shampoo and conditioner without sulfates and don't over-wash.
Use shampoo only on your scalp area, and diluting it is helpful. As your ends get older, they get drier, and do not need the harsh washing agents in shampoo to get them clean. A good rinse is all they need. Let the suds wash down over your length as you rinse, that's all the "washing" it needs. Also don't pile your hair on your head when you wash.
Always wash your hairs with cool water as you can comfortably handle, and rinse in as cold as you can stand. This will allow the cuticle to smooth out and lie flat – giving you shinier and more manageable hair. This will not only help you grow hair faster, but is also better for your skin as well.

Grow hair faster secret no 6 proper care:
Be gentle to your hair, especially when wet. Treat your hair like precious, fine, antique lace.
Remember, as your hair grows longer it is getting older and older and has been through a lot. Even hair that has been treated gently for many years has been through many, many washes, brushings, tangles, etc.  Never rip your brush through your hair or pull your brush or comb through a knot or snarl. Always gently detangle, using hair safe combs and brushes, and start from the ends and work your way up.

Do not brush your hair when it is wet, don't rub your hair dry with a towel, instead gently pat it and let it air dry before combing and untangling. If you have to use an air dryer used it at lowest temperature – so baby care your hairs!
Grow hair faster secret no 7 proper nutrition:
Nourish your body right from the inside out. Eat a healthy, well balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and get enough rest. Make sure you are getting enough protein, healthy fats, and water each day. 
Protein is very important for hair as it helps produce the amino acids that the hair needs for it to grow. Keratin, which is what the hair is largely made of, can be produced only from amino acids, and for that you need to consume proteins. 
Add Vitamin B and C to your diet apart from protein, as well as iron and zinc. A lack of iron and zinc can lead to poor hair health, and even hair loss. Your body needs to be healthy and nourished and performing at its best in order for it to put energy towards growing hair. 

Grow hair faster secret no 8 exercise:
Exercise increases blood flow! A good blood flow to your scalp, is known to increase the rate at which your hair grows. Get your blood pumping, get those endorphins flowing, and get your hairs growing. Regular scalp massage will increase the blood flow and stimulate the follicles. In fact, if this is the only long hair secret you choose to follow, and you do it regularly, you will notice a boost in your hair growth.
Grow hair faster secret no 9 night care:
Care for your hair while you sleep. Probably, you are wondering – how in the world is it possible to care for your hair while you sleep?  Its easy as saying cheese....... never sleep with a tight ponytail or a tight braid, it can cause breakage of your hair and pains or even damage in your scalp. Make a loose ponytail instead and use a silk pillow cover, it want catch up your hairs like the cotton covers do. Using silk pillow is not only beneficial for your hair, but also for your facial skin. So, you get strong and shiny hair plus wrinkles free skin! Perfect!

Give yourself every advantage you can, by taking care of yourself. Consider using supplements to aid in your overall health and your hair growth. Use hair masks and natural treatments to grow hair faster. Go for regular keratin treatments to the salon. It keeps the hair healthy and adds shine to dull hair.

Remember, the key to this journey is patience. Subscribe to have the long hair secrets sent straight to your email. (Some of my hair care secrets exposed when you sign up to receive them are very effective supplements that can really help you to grow hair faster.) 

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