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How To Cure Earaches And Ear Infections At Home

Having an ear infection or earache can really be very very painful, unfortunately, babies and toddlers aren't equipped with the necessary language skills to let you know that their ear hurts. This why it is very important to tackle the issue head on fast and effectively. 

If you are distressed and bewildered parents who have heard your infant or young child screaming in pain, for no apparent reason, you are probably a parent of one of the millions of children who have had an ear infection. Ear infections are the most common reason for a trip to the pediatrician’s office. In fact, more than half of all infants will have an ear infection by the time they reach their first birthday; 75% of all children will have had an ear infection by the time they reach age three and 50% of these will have had three or more ear infections during that same period.

Doctors used to be quick to write a script for antibiotics as the first line defense for ear infections. Doctors believe that antibiotics and/or over-the-counter pain medications are in the best interests of the child (and parents), especially as a means to ease the excruciating pain associated with middle ear infection quickly. If your child has chronic ear infections, the doctor may have advised you to consider the placement of ear tubes in your child’s ears to assist with proper drainage of ear fluid.

But, before you opt for the surgery, consider the fact that all natural earache and ear infection relief also exists, which greatly reduces the severity and reoccurrence of ear problems. 

Interested in learning more? Read on…

Although painful and uncomfortable, ear infections certainly are not life threatening. Generally antibiotics are frequently prescribed when a child has ear infections. There is fear of over-prescribing antibiotics, specifically when the infection is caused by a virus which doesn't respond to, or even require, antibiotic therapy. 

Overuse of antibiotics can also cause the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria, a real concern when a frequently ill child is prescribed round after round of antibiotic therapy and fails to respond, the risk of hearing loss increases, often prompting the pediatrician to recommend a surgical solution

Many parents opt for the surgical solution, allowing their child to have invasive, microscopic surgery under general anesthesia, before they even consider a safe and totally natural alternative to drugs and surgery for childhood ear infections.

Ear tubes are implanted into the eardrums under general anesthesia to assist with fluid drainage. And, in 20% – 30% of all surgical cases, the surgery needs to be repeated, for some, multiple times.

What if I tell you that there is a solution to your child’s ear infections that is safe, gentle and natural? What if this same solution didn't require surgery and is drug free and had the potential to work better than any surgery or drug? Try these simple home remedies for ear infections and get instant relief.

Miraculous Ear Infection and Earache Remedy 
  1. Put 1/4 cup unrefined olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. 
  2. Add about 4 cloves of crushed, coarsely chopped garlic. 
  3. Let it simmer until the garlic pieces start to brown. 
  4. Remove the garlic and bring to room or body temperature. 
  5. Use a dropper and drop several drops in the affected ear. 
  6. Wait several minutes with the bad ear up to let the oil run down into the ear (we sang the ABCs three times slowly while eating chocolate). 
  7. Repeat several times a day until the ear is better.
Apparently, both ingredients are highly antibacterial and garlic is a crazy good anti-inflammatory.

Do you have another natural DIY remedy to share? Have you tried this one? I can't say how well this will work across the board, but I will for sure try it again if/when LB has an earache again!

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