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How to eat smart to lose weight

Try these simple eating tips for weight loss

If you tried everything for that quick weight loss and still failing in your mission, and loosing weight is your high priority these days. Let us help you in your weight loss. In our opinion to loose weight is very simple. ................... guess what ............ diet eat smart guys

Are you one of the thousands of people out there wondering what the real secrets of eating right are? With so many fad diets and gimmicks available on the TV and in the media today, it's hard to sort out fact from fiction................... Have you resolved to lose weight?

Do you think thin = healthy = not eating? ................ Oh hell ..........Get real guys!

Let me explain How "Eating Smart" Can Help You Lose Weight?
Eat smart
Eating right can help you knock off those extra pounds.  So have you taken care of your annual donation to the gym knowing that you’re never going to step into it? Paying that gym membership makes you think “I’ll make it some day”. 

But let’s face it; most of us can barely make the time to draw a deep breath, let alone find a couple of hours, that includes fighting traffic and finding parking space, to work out.  Also many have a mental block about the gym and your body will never respond to anything you force it into.  So what do you do? You learn to compensate.  By eating; only this time correctly. How do you know how to eat smart?

Do you wake up sluggish to a large cup of coffee/tea? Do you have a couple of bites for breakfast and then wake up ravenous late in the afternoon to bite into whatever you see? That’s because you probably eat your big meal at sunset.  Now its impossible to change habits overnight, so start slow. Wake up to the heaviest platter and get through the day in descending order.

Go “figure”
First, study your body; structure, metabolism, hunger pangs, thirst, eating patterns.  It’s very important to know when you feel hungry, how much and when not;

Note down the time and contents of your meal for a week so that you realize what you’re chomping and what you’re missing in terms of essential nutrients. Create a basket that includes all food groups; carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and even fat.  Keeping track of all that you eat is also a foolproof system to put an end to bingeing; once you actually see how much you’re putting into your body, it’ll automatically put your meals into perspective. 

One simple rule: your body burns most calories as soon as you wake and then goes into slow mode thereafter.  So eat your chocolates, fried food, sweets, cakes when you wake up and make the later mouthfuls healthier as the sun goes down.

Eat with your mind
It’s essential to finish with supper at sundown because your fat burning ability vanishes with the sunlight.  And since you’ve had your dinner early, you’re guaranteed to wake up with an appetite.  If you cannot stomach the idea of combine protein, carbohydrates and fats that early, start with a fruit.  High carbs like banana or apple are ideal to kick start that metabolism and also acts as a buffer to that cup you’ll sip on.  Never, I mean Never, begin your day with caffeine as your body will automatically go into slump mode.  Water constitutes 70 per cent of Human body so when we gulp some down as much as possible through the day to eliminate toxins.

The golden Cycle
Every time hunger pangs strike, replace every one out of three meals with water and watch the fat melt away.  If you ever want to lose weight eat!! The 3 W’s are the deal breakers-what, when and where you eat, for e.g eating dal chawal( plain rice with dal) at a restaurant at midnight can do more damage than a big piece of ladoo (sweet) in the morning.  Simply because one, your ability to burn fat at midnight is almost zilch and two even dal may have unhealthy ingredients when made outside whereas the bhaji you fry in good oil at home is absorbed into your system pronto because you’re burning most fat in the morning.

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