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The basics of Healthy, Happy living

Living healthy is an art, learn how to live healthy happy.

The human body is the entire structure of the human organism and its main parts are: head, neck, trunk and limbs. Each part has different mechanism or system to control the movement or action of that organ( body part). Whether we are walking, talking, sleeping, playing or sitting, our body is constantly working hard to keep us healthy. It is important to know our body in order to take care of it and live a long healthy life.

this small video will help us to learn more about  our body

The base of our body is our skeleton, and all the other organs are beautifully constructed on it by Thee "Almighty Creator" each organ is beautifully deigned and perfectly placed to make our body a self operating fully automatic machine. If you just pay a little attention and try to understand the structure of your body,  you will start loving Thee "Almighty Creator" for his perfect engineering, that is why a scholar said "knowing others means you are wise, but knowing yourself means you are enlightened."  just have a look at the placement and design of our body parts i.e design of hand, how it is attached to shoulder bladder, your knee joint, what would have happened if it wasn't there......... just imagine......

The Almighty Creator not only gifted us such a beautiful body, but also provided easy to follow guidelines to keep this machine(body) fit and healthy. which we can find in different religious books, which are originally from God. If we follow those guidelines we can enjoy a healthy, happy life with ease.
There are hundreds of parts in our body attached together with the help of muscles, veins, and bones, each part or organ works under some specific systems, such as , skeletal system, digestive system, muscular system, lymphatic system, reproductive system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, urinary system and endocrine system, these all parts and systems work together to keep us healthy, but due to some unhealthy habitats some of these system gets effected and we fall ill, so it is very essential for us to know at least basic systems as well as bad habitats which result in disorders and illness.

Acquiring this kind of useful knowledge will be beneficial for our healthy , happy living

so best of luck and good wishes for you healthy happy living

please share your opinion in the comment box to share  some good knowledge and tips for healthy happy living

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