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How to watch your waistline

Obesity is increasing at the global level, fitness & health are drawing lots of attention thanks to our lazy lifestyles. To enjoy a happy, healthy life and to live long, nowadays is more important than staying alive simply.

If you over weight, always gasping for breath and expect people to wheel you around or hold your hand and yourself for the exercise of climbing a set of stairs in your efforts to lose weight. What the hack....... there are ways to lose weight and you should focus these days on a long life together with the ability to enjoy your life.  

The pursuit of health and the ability to move independently through your life is an ongoing research project, it is really not going to end. Although there are various diets and weight loss plan available, but what works for one does not work for all.  

Watch your waist
As our body ages, it starts to break down, part by part. Our challenge is just not to keep it alive, but we should maintain it for a well and pain-free run. As we grow older, we move less. Not good for the body. For those, with huge waists are needed to get in shape quickly by weight loss, chances are as real as thick waist can land you in trouble. Research conducted at the University of Southern California refers to the type 2 diabetes latches on easily for those with excess fat around the abdomen. Reasons that are still under the scanner.
what can be adopted..
In Japan which is one of the trimmest nations on this planet, they added a new dimension to the fitness tests for them.  

They measure waist lines of people, in addition to regular health check-ups. This is to keep the disturbances such as diabetes away. By the way, the rule for men is 33.5 inch waist, and for women is 35.4 inches. Any one exceeding the limits is warned, put on a diet and re-measured some months later.  

There is a section in our population that will think this is too much. Especially when very few people in Japan suffer from weight gain. Just sumo wrestlers with the exception, and that it must be huge if they really want to get anywhere in their career.  

What can be done? So, how we can keep the average person away from wasting the waist? 

First of all, I advise you to check the diet. Go moderate in all of those things you really want. You can eat favorite foods such as chips as treats rather than included in the daily diet. Always remember that there are really no shortcuts to trim your waist. There are ways to lose weight and u should walk on those, you must exercise at least for 30 minutes each day, 30 minutes cardio is the minimum one needs to stay healthy as our lifestyles require it.

Be careful and remember, doing those ABS crunches alone will not work at all. 
Besides you may land up with an injured back if you go overboard or do them wrongly. Research conducted by several authorities throughout the world says a human being needs to take 10,000 steps a day to stay in shape. Basically, your body needs to burn the calories you eat. When you burn 3500 calories , you will drop by only one pound of fat in the body. 

Well, it's not exciting, and I agree, but then, is all about moderation. Besides, if you do those steps 10,000 a day, adding just 2000 more to make the miles you use an extra 100 calories. In the long run, say one year, you could land up becoming a 10 pounds (a little less than five kilograms) lighter than in reality without reducing your food intake.

So are you struggling to keep ur waisteline at bay....
can you share how you are doing it with me in comment section.... and thanks for reading

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